Mei Deng M(HM), M(Ac), Dip(TCM)

I have studied in both Beijing and in Sydney and have been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than thirty years.

In Beijing:

  • majored in Chinese medicine

In Australia:

  • completed a Master of Herbal Medicine at the University of Sydney
  • completed a Masters of Acupuncture at the University of Western Sydney.

The beginning

When I was sixteen years old I joined the Chinese Red Army, working as a nurse in a military hospital, and as long as I can remember my mother was always unwell. My decision to pursue a healing profession arose from the desire to do more for my mother and others. I began to study Chinese medicine and was excited to see the impact that it can make make even after a few sessions. Many years on and I am still excited and deeply grateful that I chose to study Chinese medicine. Along the way I have also enjoyed the opportunity of participating in clinical trials.


My mother’s entrenched poor health inspired my passion for understanding and working with my patients holistically, and not just treating their symptoms. In the Chinese tradition, everything comes into medicine, including nutrition and the broad environment; nothing is treated in isolation.

Growing up in China and studying Chinese medicine there – being able to read the original texts in Chinese – has enable me to reach a deep understanding and relationship with it, and that informs how I approach each patient and their issues. Each case is individual, each needs its own particular treatment that we establish during the initial consultation and fine tune as needed during the treatment phase.

Working alongside Western medicine, I treat a wide range of conditions and over many years of practising TCM I have a particular interest in the areas of infertility, women’s health issues and chronic fatigue. I also treat children and babies, using very gentle techniques.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones to be following this path. I find great joy in seeing my patients benefit from my treatments. In particular, to hold a brand new little one in my arms and to know I had some small part to play in that is one of my life’s greatest treasures!