Treatment methods


The body has 14 meridians, which link the organs and create a path for qi to flow. When the body loses its Qi balance, blockages occur in this cycle and weaker parts in different meridians become affected. Acupuncture is used to adjust the body’s balance to make qi and blood flow and to restore the body balance and health.


This method is used specifically with children  as their body condition is so pure it often just needs a gentle touch.

Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is quite different from Western medicine. It uses all natural ingredients and follows five thousand years of experience in medicinal practice to prescribe for individual patients.


This is a warming therapy using a special Chinese herb Ai (kown in the western world as Artemisia or  Wormwood) that is candled over the skin to increase acupuncture needle function and and strengthen body’s immune function.


Specially designed glass cups are used to create suction over a specific area to regulate blood circulation and detoxify.


Chinese medicine is food, food is medicine. We always follow the natural way to give patient advice. For example: in the morning to drink red tea/English breakfast tea (not green tea) as these have a warming function, because in the morning the sun comes up with energy for the day and we need to support the energy increase. I will give advice on the foods required to assist treatment outcomes

Derma roller

A treatment for the reduction of age lines and scarring.